Fundraising Offers eBook
Fundraising Offers
What they are, how they work, how to make a great one.

If you want to make great offers for your organization – if you want to raise more money – download this eBook!

Fundraising Offers: What Offers Are, How Offers Work, and How You Can Make a Great Offer to Help Your Organization Raise More Money
With this free eBook you'll get:
  • How you can use offers to raise more money
  • A short explanation of why offers work so well
  • The 4 elements of successful offers 
  • Scripts you can use to explain offers to people in your organization who don’t like this way of fundraising
  • How to improve the amounts of money you ask for – so that you raise more money

A “fundraising Offer” is what a piece of fundraising promises will happen when a donor makes a gift.

A good offer is the most powerful tool you have for making your appeals, e-appeals and events raise more money.

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